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About Us

provide value added services and solutions, that are provided to customers with emphasis, on quality and customer satisfaction so the company is able to achieve a good relationship with the customer.


Vision and Mission


To provide services, solutions and the best products to our customers with satisfaction, to make INETKU the number one Internet service provider.


  1. To provide top quality services backed by various innovative solutions, internet services and improving services to the customer.
  2. Building and developing network infrastructure across cities in Indonesia with the latest technology.
  3. Always developing and improving human resources consistently to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Corporate Culture

As a company that is dedicated and committed to providing outstanding service and quality to customers, INETKU has instilled a corporate culture to the whole line of the company.

  • Active
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Young spirits
  • Hard working
  • Loyalty
  • Dedication
  • Team work

In the future, INETKU will always anticipate the expectations of the community based on internet technologies, to always provide solutions of high-quality products to meet consumer needs with high standards of professionalism for our customers and business partners.

Inetku Products

In carrying out objectives of the company to provide top quality service to customers, as well as customer satisfaction, INETKU has split its business into two business lines:


Internet Service Providers

In the era of the global markets that are full of challenges and competition, quality and accura- cy of information becomes a very important factor. The need for a medium that can connect between an institution or a company with the outside world is absolutely essential.

INETKU divides into types of service connec- tions, to individuals, companies and institutional clients as follows:

  1. Broadband connections to suit customer needs (Personal and Corporate)
  2. Dedicated Internet connection that promotes stability for the personal and corporate
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN Data)
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  5. Web and Server Hosting
  6. Server Co-location
  7. Internal Connection Company with a Local Area Network (LAN)

Information Technology Solutions

Armed with expertise and experience in managing internet services, INETKU provides services and information technology (IT) solu- tions that keep up with the technology in the world today, we provide to meet a wide range of our customers' needs through the provision of services, value-added packages in informa- tion technology and communications solutions.

INETKU IT solutions provides a wide range of solutions in the fields of technology and communication from planning, design, provision of hardware and software through to implemen- tation within a project.

Adequately powered infrastructure is accom- panied by a tangle of good cooperation with the distributor of hardware and software, making INETKU IT solutions into an integrated solution, effective and efficient for the customer.

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